All the photos in the test were taken with the FUJIFILM X-T1 and all available X mount lenses at the time for the photo shoot (November 2015). The lenses were photographed at all full F stops and their maximum aperture at each focal length. For the zoom lenses we have used 3-4 different focal lengths.


The camera was set as follows:
JPEG (Fine)
Provia/Velvia/Classic Chrome (Film Simulation Bracketing)
White Balance: Manual
Metering: Multi
ISO: 200
Shutter speed: Auto
Focus: AF-S / MF
Noise reduction for long exposures: On
Lens Modulation Optimizer: On


The photos were taken on a tripod with optical image stabilization (if available) turned off. The photos are unedited JPEG files straight out of the camera that has been reduced in size to: 2500×1667.